Birthday Chocolate Delivery in Philippines

Chocolates are one the most heavenly of all of the man made creations. In Philippines we are big believers of starting something important or of consequence with some chocolates. There is nothing better or sweeter to mark the beginning of a new phase. Send birthday chocolates to your loved ones in Philippines with Florista PH to celebrate their big day in the most appropriate manner. So, sweeten somebody’s day by sending birthday chocolates online in Philippines to them through Florista PH from any part of the world. There is no better or sweeter way to say how much you care for them.

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4 Dairy Milk Lazyload icon Buy Now

4 Dairy Milk

BHD 13.00 / USD 33.00
4 Dairy Milk

Yellow Sunshine with chocolate Lazyload icon Buy Now

Yellow Sunshine With Chocolate

BHD 28.00 / USD 73.00
Bright And Happy, This Magnificent Bouquet Of 15 (Flowers) Lilies And 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Is Certain To Light Up Anyone's Face!

Flowers & Chocolates Lazyload icon Buy Now

Flowers & Chocolates

BHD 29.00 / USD 77.00
Bunch Of 12 Red Roses With Gypsophelia & Net Packing & 16pcs Ferrero Rocher

Basket of Chocolates Lazyload icon Buy Now

Basket Of Chocolates

BHD 34.00 / USD 90.00
Basket Of 10 Dairy Milk Chocolates

Flowers and Chocolates Lazyload icon Buy Now

Flowers And Chocolates

BHD 41.00 / USD 109.00
Bouquet Of 3 Stems Of White Lilies , 3 Stems Of Orange Lilies And 3 Stems Of Yellow Lilies & 3 Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates

Flowers and Chocolates Lazyload icon Buy Now

Flowers And Chocolates

BHD 51.00 / USD 134.00
This Stunning Gathering Of Assorted Lilies And Premium Roses Makes This An Easy Choice. Lilies And Roses Are Among The Most Popular Flower Choice And When Combined Together This Makes A Very Popular Style And Always Provides A Happy Recipient. 5 Stems Of Pink Lilies & 10 Stems Of Red Roses And 3 Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates.

Pretty Petals with chocolate Lazyload icon Buy Now

Pretty Petals With Chocolate

BHD 56.00 / USD 150.00
BHD 64.00 / USD 170.00
Red Is The Color Of Connotation And White Is The Significance Of Affirmation...this Red And White Roses Arrangement Will Solicit Your Loved Ones And Bring Out Passion And Strong Intimacy For You. Vase With 30 Stems Of Red & White Roses With White Gypsophelia Fillers And 16pcs Of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
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Stunning Delight Lazyload icon Buy Now

Stunning Delight

BHD 57.00 / USD 152.00
While Everyone Knows That Pink Roses Signify Grace And Admiration. They Are Best To Be Sent To Someone You Have A Lot Of Respect For! Combine It With A Teddy Bear And Ferrero Rocher Chocolate And Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special .

Key of Heart Lazyload icon Buy Now

Key Of Heart

BHD 62.00 / USD 165.00
Bunch Of 20 Stem Of Pink Roses With Very Beautiful Pink Ribbon And 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate With Small Teddy Bear (Approx 12 Inches)

Flowers & Chocolates Lazyload icon Buy Now

Flowers & Chocolates

BHD 62.00 / USD 165.00
6 Stems Of Pink Lily, 14 Pink Rose In A Glass Vase (one Sided Round Arrangement) & 16 Pcs Fererro Rocher

Perfect Pink with chocolate Lazyload icon Buy Now

Perfect Pink With Chocolate

BHD 64.00 / USD 169.00
Birthdays, Anniversaries, First Dates--any Special Occasion Becomes A Spectacular Event With A Gift Of 30 Stems Of Premium Long-stem Pink Roses. Great Gifts For Expressing Admiration, Appreciation And Romance, A Hand-designed Bouquet Of Long-stem Pink Roses Are Perfect For Your True Love, New Love, Best Friend Or Close Family Member. 30 Stems Of Pink Roses In A Glass Vase And 3 Dairy Milk Chocolates

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