Send beautiful arrangement of flowers in a glass vase to your beloved and that will surely sweep her off her feet.

Red and White Tulips Lazyload icon Buy Now

Red And White Tulips

PHP 10473.00
Love Comes Knocking At The Door! A Beautful Tulip Bouquet In 15 White And 15 Red, Carefully Hand-tied By A Florist

Eternal Pink Lazyload icon Buy Now

Eternal Pink

PHP 8572.00
Dainty And Eternal 24 Pink Tulips Can Raise Any Mood Or Dress Up Any Place!

Blushing Tulips Lazyload icon Buy Now

Blushing Tulips

PHP 7066.00
Our Pink Tulip Bouquet Opens Its Blushing Petals To Celebrate The Joy And Beauty Of Life's Special Occasions. 20 Stems Of Our Finest Pink Tulips With A Clear Glass Vase Create A Remarkable Bouquet To Express Your Warmest Thoughts And Best Wishes.

White Beauty Lazyload icon Buy Now

White Beauty

PHP 6934.00
Our White Tulips Are Sent Fresh From The Fields And Arrive In Bud Form, Thus They Open To Reveal Their Absolute Beauty Only After Arrival, And Not In Transit. Want To Congratulate Someone On A Promotion, Or Send Your Heartfelt Condolences? White Tulips Are The Perfect Fit.

Oriental Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Oriental Love

PHP 8387.00 / PHP 6511.00
10 Pink Oriental Lilies In A Glass Vase
hot offerr
20 White callalily in a vase Lazyload icon Buy Now

20 White Callalily In A Vase

PHP 6049.00
Create Peace And Serene Simplicity In Their Life With The Beauty And Sophistication Of Our Gorgeous 20 Stem White Calla Lilies.

20 White callalily in a vase Lazyload icon Buy Now

20 White Callalily In A Vase

PHP 6049.00
Create Peace And Serene Simplicity In Their Life With The Beauty And Sophistication Of Our Gorgeous 20 Stem White Calla Lilies.

Peachy Wine Combo Lazyload icon Buy Now

Peachy Wine Combo

PHP 5534.00
Bunch Of 20 Peach Roses Wrapped In A Nice Red Wrapping & 1 Kg Black Forest Cake Along With A Bottle Of Red Wine

8 White lilies Lazyload icon Buy Now

8 White Lilies

PHP 7198.00 / PHP 5455.00
A Calming Bouquet Of Pure White Lilies That Is Suitable For Any Occasion. 8 Stems Of White Lilies In A Glass Vase
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15 Pink & White Tulips Lazyload icon Buy Now

15 Pink & White Tulips

PHP 5362.00
Glass Vase Filled With 15 Red Tulips And Filler Hand Designed & Delivered To The Door.

36 Mixed Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

36 Mixed Roses

PHP 5019.00
36 Mixed Roses Of Red, Pink, Orange & Yellow Roses With Greens In A Glass Vase

Summer Sunflower 12 Lazyload icon Buy Now

Summer Sunflower 12

PHP 4794.00
The Summer 12 Sunflower Bouquet Exudes Sunshine And Warmth With Each Brilliant Petal! Assorted Sunflowers Create A Dazzling Display Seated In A Clear Glass Vase Making A Fantastic Summertime Display For Your Special Recipient.

White Wine and Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

White Wine And Roses

PHP 4543.00
Bunch Of 20 White Roses Wrapped In A Nice Brown Wrapping Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher & A Bottle Of White Wine

Sunny Siesta Lazyload icon Buy Now

Sunny Siesta

PHP 4490.00
This Divine Bouquet Reminds The Eye Of Summer. Featuring Sunflowers, Germini And Solidago, This Arrangement Will Brighten Up Your Day And Make Your Loved One Smile.

Graceful Tulips Lazyload icon Buy Now

Graceful Tulips

PHP 4424.00
A Graceful Arrangement Of 10 Stem Tulips In A Clear Glass Vase.

Magical Friendship Lazyload icon Buy Now

Magical Friendship

PHP 4160.00
This Gift Is Perfect For All Occasions, Whether You�re Celebrating Romance, Surprising A Friend, Spoiling A Family Member, Or Congratulating Someone On A Milestone.

Yellow Tulips Lazyload icon Buy Now

Yellow Tulips

PHP 4160.00
There Is No Flower That Fits More Occasions Than The Yellow Tulip. Its Graceful Blooms Imbue Any Space With A Feeling Of Serenity And Elegance. Vase With 10 Stem Of Yellow Tulips.

Blissful Arrangement Lazyload icon Buy Now

Blissful Arrangement

PHP 4107.00
Glass Vase Arrangement Of 18 Pink Roses And 6 White Calla Lilies Along With Fillers

Stargazers Fresh Flower Lazyload icon Buy Now

Stargazers Fresh Flower

PHP 4094.00
Delight Someone Special With "Stargazers" Pink Lily Bouquet. This Bouquet Includes 7 Stargazer Lilies And Greens.

Yellow Lilies Lazyload icon Buy Now

Yellow Lilies

PHP 3936.00
6 Stems Of Yellow Lilies In A Glass Vase. Some Flowers Arrive In Bud Stage, Maximizing Your Days Of Bloom.

Sweet Kiss 10 Lazyload icon Buy Now

Sweet Kiss 10

PHP 3909.00
Send Your Sweetest Kiss Through This Arrangement Of 10 Purple Tulips In A Clear Glass Vase.

Amazing Daisies Lazyload icon Buy Now

Amazing Daisies

PHP 3909.00
A Bouquet Of 40 Stems Of Assorted Color Chrysanthemums. A Perfect Gift To Brighten Her Day!

Blush Red Lazyload icon Buy Now

Blush Red

PHP 3909.00
Beautiful And "simply Said" Red Tulips Are A Hip Way To Show You Care. Ten Romantic Red Tulips Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase.

Lady Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Lady Love

PHP 5745.00 / PHP 3804.00
A Visually Stunning Display, 36 Pink Roses Typically Symbolize Admiration, Gratitude, And Appreciation. The Ultimate In Romance, This Gift Showcases The Sublime Beauty Of Roses And Will Be Received With Happiness And Appreciation.
hot offerr
Sunflowers in a Vase Lazyload icon Buy Now

Sunflowers In A Vase

PHP 3777.00
Sunflowers Symbolize The Sun Itself, And Their Open Faces Convey Warmth And Happiness, Adoration And Longevity. They Are Unique In That They Have The Ability To Provide Energy In The Form Of Nourishment And Vibrancy—attributes Which Mirror The Sun And The Energy Provided By Its Heat And Light.

SOLITAIRE BOUQUET Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 3724.00
This Gorgeous Bouquet That Is Made Using 4 Oriental White Lilies And 15 Red Roses Is A Real Treat For The Eyes. Made With Two Most Beautiful Colours, Red And White, This Floral Arrangement Speaks Perfection!

Dark red roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

Dark Red Roses

PHP 3658.00
A Stunning Bouquet Of Roses! Dark Red, Warm Glowing Roses That Make An Impression In A Compact Bouquet.

Stunning Orange Lilies Lazyload icon Buy Now

Stunning Orange Lilies

PHP 3658.00
Let These 6 Stem Stunning Orange Lilies Manifest Your Feelings That Are Left Unexpressed.

Truly White Lazyload icon Buy Now

Truly White

PHP 3658.00
6 Stems Of White Lilies In A Clear Cylinder Glass Vase. This All White Lily Bouquet Is Ideal For Anniversaries Or A Table Centerpiece

Shine Of Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Shine Of Love

PHP 5217.00 / PHP 3645.00
Lovely Reds And Pinks Come Together In This Lavishly Romantic Anniversary Gift. Sweetly Sentimental, This Combination Of Colors And Flowers Is A Delightfully Fresh Way To Say I Love You.
hot offerr
Womens Desire Lazyload icon Buy Now

Womens Desire

PHP 3579.00
12 Mixed Colored Roses And Exciting White Lilies Go Hand In Hand In This Hot Color Combination Arrangement.

Simply Enchanting Lazyload icon Buy Now

Simply Enchanting

PHP 5072.00 / PHP 3407.00
Our Spread The Sunshine Bouquet Bursts With Warm Wishes And Hopes For Happiness! Yellow Roses Share The Spotlight With White Calla Lilies And Eucalyptus To Create A Memory For Your Special Recipient That Will Make Their Season Complete!
hot offerr
Medley Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Medley Love

PHP 3275.00
Rose Medley By Name And A Veritable Medley Of Red Roses By Nature. Containing 30 Red Roses

Floral Embrace Lazyload icon Buy Now

Floral Embrace

PHP 3223.00
Roses And Lilies In A Vase.

Pink Roses & Oriental lilies Lazyload icon Buy Now

Pink Roses & Oriental Lilies

PHP 3223.00
We've Combined Classic Kenyan Roses And Oriental Lilies With Delicate Wax Flower And Pretty Lisianthus To Create This Elegant Hand-tied. The Soft Pink Hues Of These Beautiful Flowers Make This An Irresistibly Feminine Gift That Is Sure To Delight.

Charming Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 3223.00
This Flower Arrangement Is An Absolutely Charming Way To Send Your Warmest Sentiments. Deep Fuchsia Spray Roses, Pink Mini Carnations, White Traditional Daisies And Lush Greens Are Sweetly Situated In A Classic Clear Glass Vase Accented With A Perfectly Pink Designer Ribbon To Create A Bouquet That Will Delight Your Special Recipient At Every Turn.

Fragrant White Lazyload icon Buy Now

Fragrant White

PHP 3223.00
This Coveted Oriental Lily Is An Improved Selection That Bears Large, Fragrant Flowers. 5 Stems Of White Lilies In A Glass Vase

Blooming Buds Lazyload icon Buy Now

Blooming Buds

PHP 3209.00
A Deluxe Bouquet Featuring Two Gorgeous Bouquets Of Mixed Roses And White Alstroemeria And Make Their Day Unforgettable.

2 Dozen Red Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

2 Dozen Red Roses

PHP 3157.00
2 Dozen Roses Make A Grand Entrance In This Beautiful Arrangement In A Glass Vase. Sure To Impress For Any Occasion.

24 White Beauty Lazyload icon Buy Now

24 White Beauty

PHP 3130.00
Simply In White, Treat Someone To A Bunch Of Beautiful Roses.

No More Result Found

Our mesmerizing and immense collection of flowers in a glass vase are ideal from gifting point of view.

Just log on to our website Florista and choose from the many option available under the flowers in glass vase tab, you will never be disappointed. The flowers in glass vase options on our website are suitable for all budgets and occasions with different types of flowers too. You are sure to find something that you would know that the receiver would like from our assortment of beautifully arranged flowers in a glass vase. Just add a personalized heartfelt message and these flowers in a glass vase are on their way to make someone’s day special in your name.

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