Flowers are all very pretty and alluring but roses hold a special place in the heart of all flower lovers.

Magical White Lazyload icon Buy Now

Magical White

PHP 11675.00
Bunch Of 40 White Roses Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher, 1 Kg Chocolate Cake & A Bottle Of Red Wine

100 Pink Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

100 Pink Roses

PHP 11345.00
Bouquet Of 100 Pink Roses In Nice Paper Wrapping

100 Red Roses & Cake Lazyload icon Buy Now

100 Red Roses & Cake

PHP 11292.00
Show The Darling Of Your Life Just How Much You Care By Sending This Roses Bonanza Consisting Of 100 Sensational Red Roses. Bunch Of 100 Stems Of Red Roses Along With 1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake

Worldwide Romance Lazyload icon Buy Now

Worldwide Romance

PHP 9839.00
If You'd Like Someone To Think Sweet Thoughts About You, Send Them This Delightful Heart Shape Arrangement Of 100 Red Roses. Steal Someone's Heart With The Luxury Of Roses

100 Pink Roses & Teddy Lazyload icon Buy Now

100 Pink Roses & Teddy

PHP 9760.00
They Unlock Your Every Emotion. They Will Always Make Your Heart Skip A Beat. Offer Your Heartfelt Love With An Abundance Of Our Finest Roses. Bunch Of 100 Stems Of Pink Roses Along With 6 Inch Teddy Bear

Exquisite Bouquet Lazyload icon Buy Now

Exquisite Bouquet

PHP 9575.00
Our Exquisite Bouquet Of Magnificent 100 Mixed Color Roses, With No Additional Greenery, Complements Any Occasion With Unforgettable Style. Because Only The Freshest Roses Are Selected For This Arrangement, Actual Rose Colors Will Vary Due To Local Availability.

Flower Power Lazyload icon Buy Now

Flower Power

PHP 9456.00
Roses Are The Absolute Best Way Of Saying� I Love You�. Show Your Special Someone With This Stunning Bouquet Of 100 Amazing Roses. Roses Have Many Meanings, But Are Best Known For Their Message Of Love. Bunch Of 100 Yellow Roses

Personal Touch Lazyload icon Buy Now

Personal Touch

PHP 9404.00
Bouquet Of 99 Red Roses...Send Her This Big Bouquet With Your Personal Touch Message. It Is Sure To Touch Her Heart Whoever Receives This Wonderful Bouquet

Blooming Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Blooming Love

PHP 9377.00
Send This Bouquet Of Hand Tied Fresh Roses For Any Occasion! Ready To Be Popped Into A Vase, This Bouquet Is Guaranteed To Delight Anyone Who Receives It!99 Stalks Of Red Roses With Lots Of Baby Breath.

Simply Charming Lazyload icon Buy Now

Simply Charming

PHP 9245.00
Bunch Of 100 Red Roses Beautiful Bouquet Will Most Certainly Arrive In Style! Ready For The Runway

Romance Roses 100 Lazyload icon Buy Now

Romance Roses 100

PHP 9205.00
A Romantic Aqua Pack Hand Tied Design, Featuring A 100 Red Roses With Complimentary Foliage In Luxurious Paper Packaging. Its The Perfect Valentine Gift

Abundant Gesture Lazyload icon Buy Now

Abundant Gesture

PHP 8070.00
Make A Grand Gesture. This Lavish Pack Of Luxurious Red And Pretty Pink Roses Will Spread Your Emphatic Emotion Of Love Around Your Loved Ones. An Abundant Pack Of Red Roses Orbited By A Lavish Pack Of Pink Roses Will Raise The Tempo Of Love At Your Special Occasion.

Multicolored Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 7700.00
Bunch Of 80 Mixed Roses

Honeymoon Special Lazyload icon Buy Now

Honeymoon Special

PHP 7634.00
Seventy Five Seductive Red Roses With Pink Combination In Heart Shape For That Special Someone In Your Life, With Scented Foliage. Make A Present To Someone You Care And Make Them Feel Special.

Floral Fantasy Lazyload icon Buy Now

Floral Fantasy

PHP 7515.00
Bunch Of 20 Red Roses Wrapped In A Nice Red Wrapping & 1 Kg Black Forest Cake Along With A Bottle Of Red Wine & 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher

Pink Roses In Heart Box Lazyload icon Buy Now

Pink Roses In Heart Box

PHP 7264.00 / PHP 6300.00
A Floral Arrangement Comprising Pink Roses For Your Most Lovely Occasion. Tucked Into Pretty Rows Inside In A Classy Heart Shape Gift Box. 60 Stems Of Pink Roses With Fillers In A Heart Shape Box.
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50 Red Roses & Teddy Lazyload icon Buy Now

50 Red Roses & Teddy

PHP 6062.00
The Roses Are The Perfect Way Of Showing Love, Care, Romance & Admiration. Bunch Of 50 Red Roses Along With 6 Inch Teddy Bear

Reddish Peach Lazyload icon Buy Now

Reddish Peach

PHP 5943.00
Bunch Of 20 Peach Roses Wrapped In A Nice Peach Wrapping Along With 3 Cadbury Chocolate & A Bottle Of Red Wine

Private Party Lazyload icon Buy Now

Private Party

PHP 5930.00
Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Roses And Love Bunch Of Sixty Red Roses With Seasonal Fillers Wrapped In Net

Express Feelings Lazyload icon Buy Now

Express Feelings

PHP 5930.00
This Classic White Rose Arrangement Is A Stunning Way To Let That Special Someone Know How You Feel. Inspired By A Romantic Night Sky, It's A Dazzling Way To Pay Homage To Your Years Together.Bunch Of 60 Stems Of White Roses With Gypsophelia And Greens.

Appreciation Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 7634.00 / PHP 5930.00
Roses For A Very Long Time Have Appreciated The Honor Of Being The Most Prevalent Blossoms On The Planet. The Explanation Behind Prominence Of The Rose Blossom May Be Its Wide Mixture Regarding Shading, Size, Scent And Different Properties.
hot offerr
White Red Ferrero Lazyload icon Buy Now

White Red Ferrero

PHP 5917.00
Bunch Of 20 Red Roses With Fillers In Nice Grey Wrapping Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher & A Bottle Of White Wine

My Darling Lazyload icon Buy Now

My Darling

PHP 5798.00
Bunch Of 20 Red Roses Wrapped In A Nice Red Wrapping & 1 Kg Black Forest Cake Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher

Make Me Blush Lazyload icon Buy Now

Make Me Blush

PHP 5230.00
Bouquet Of 10 Pink Roses And 4 Stems Of Green Eustomas Fillers In Nice Wrapping Along With 1 Kg Black Forest Cake

Swept Away Lazyload icon Buy Now

Swept Away

PHP 5138.00
Bright And Spectacular Bunch Of 20 Mixed Roses Bunch With Half Kg Black Forest Cake And 12" Teddy.

Romance Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 5045.00
The 'Romance' Makes A Tasteful Present For Your Loved One For Any Occasion. This Is A Bunch Of 50 Red Roses With Lots Of Fillers In Red Paper Packing With Red Ribbon.

Unforgettable 50 Rose Lazyload icon Buy Now

Unforgettable 50 Rose

PHP 5045.00
These Fifty Irresistible Large-headed Red Roses Are The Absolute Essence Of A Grand Romantic Gesture. Arranged By Hand And Finished With Sumptuous Gift Wrapping And Luxurious Organza Ribbon, This Exquisite Display Is The Perfect Way To Send Your Love To Someone Special.

Alliance Certified Lazyload icon Buy Now

Alliance Certified

PHP 5045.00
Our Stunning Rainforest Alliance Certified Roses Are Hand-picked From Our South American Farms. While We Pride Ourselves In Providing The Highest Quality Flowers, We Are Also Socially Responsible - Protecting The Environment And The Farm Employees In The Process. All Of Our Roses Are Made To Impress With Larger, Bolder, And More Vibrant Colors. We Put Our Heart Into Every Stem We Grow.

Bunch of  love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Bunch Of Love

PHP 5045.00
Send This Magnificently, Glamorous Bouquet Of Sensational, And Premium Long Stem, 50 Mix Roses And Leave Your Special Someone Feeling Like A Superstar.

Queen Of My Heart Lazyload icon Buy Now

Queen Of My Heart

PHP 5045.00
Send This Classical Heart Shape Arrangement Of 50 Red Roses For Your Sweet Heart To Make Them Special.

Double Happiness Lazyload icon Buy Now

Double Happiness

PHP 5045.00
50 Red Roses Wrapped In Black Plastic Sheet Tied With Red Ribbon Bow.

Red & Peach Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

Red & Peach Roses

PHP 5045.00
25 Red And 25 Peach Color Roses Along With Greenery Wrapped Around With Gift Paper.

36 Mixed Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

36 Mixed Roses

PHP 5019.00
36 Mixed Roses Of Red, Pink, Orange & Yellow Roses With Greens In A Glass Vase

Truly Magnificent Lazyload icon Buy Now

Truly Magnificent

PHP 4887.00
This Really Is The Ultimate Romantic's Gift - A Truly Magnificent Display Of 51 Red Roses. This Luxuriously Rich And Sumptuous Bouquet Of The Finest Red Roses Is Interspersed Throughout To Create The Most Amazing Romantic Gift For Your True Love.

Happiness Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 4873.00
A Bouquet Of 24 Red Roses And 24 Pink Roses

So Much In Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

So Much In Love

PHP 6538.00 / PHP 4873.00
A Round Bouquet Of 24 White And 24 Pink Roses.
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Perfect 24 Lazyload icon Buy Now

Perfect 24

PHP 4873.00 / PHP 4873.00
Bouquet Includes One Dozen Red Roses And One Dozen White Roses With Lush Greeneries. Very Romantic!
hot offerr
Teddy Love Lazyload icon Buy Now

Teddy Love

PHP 4873.00
Beautiful Hand Bouquet Of Roses Along With A Cuddly Teddy Bear To Express Your Love . Bunch Of 15 Red And White Roses With A Medium Teddy Bear(40-45 Cm)

Happiness Lazyload icon Buy Now


PHP 4873.00
A Bouquet Of 24 Red Roses And 24 Pink Roses

Luxury Roses Lazyload icon Buy Now

Luxury Roses

PHP 4847.00
Bouquet Of 50 Stems Of Red Roses With Lots Of Fillers In Nice Wrapping

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For years roses in their different colors symbolize all of the different human emotions.

A bouquet of only rose flowers can speak all your feeling in one go. Send only rose flower bouquets in Philippines to your near and dear ones to confess through flowers what you cannot through words. Send only roses or combination of flowers at the speed of your thoughts through Florista PH. Send them now!

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