It is so easy to announce that you will be hosting a New Year party for your friends and family at your house, but everything gets real when it is actually time to throw the party. Well, fret not, we are here to help you plan the most fun and exciting New Year party ever that will surpass your loved ones’ expectations in a jiffy.

So, without feeling any pressure, you can plan a fabulous New Year party for your near and dear ones and make the last day of the year for everyone a blast right at your house without much work.

Top New Year Party Ideas to say Goodbye to 2021

Potluck with Friends and Family

Potluck with Friends and Family
Having Dinner with Friends and Family on New Year Eve

Well, this new year party idea will definitely take some burden off from you of compiling snacks and drinks for everyone visiting you. You can announce a potluck party where everyone coming to your party has to bring one dish from their house for the guests at the party. This way the guests at your party can enjoy different kinds of dishes, there will be sufficient food for everyone at the party, you don’t have to prepare all the food on your own, and everyone can share their incredible cooking skills with others.

Movie Marathon Night

Friends are Watching Their Favorite Films
Watching Their Favorite Films on New Year

There are countless movies that are based on the holiday season, especially Christmas and New Year. So, gather all these movie DVDs or stream them online and make a full-on movie night with your loved ones. This way, everyone will stay entertained throughout the night, and you can finally have all your favorites under one roof enjoying the best movies ever. If you are having your friends at home for a party, then you can choose a comic film. For your family, prefer movies based on holidays and love. For a couple’s night, go for romantic movies. There are plenty of movies in each category.

P.S.- Don’t forget to get everyone’s favorite butter popcorn for the movies.

A Cocktail Bar is a MUST

Having Drink At Home Bar
Having Drink At Home with Friends and Family on New Year Party

Is it even a party if there is no bar? Of course not. Every party needs to have a dedicated space where people can get playful with their drinks and have fun experimenting with different mixtures to create a unique drink for themselves. If you have a higher budget, you can hire a bartender and set up different mixes with a sturdy bar table. A bartender will add an element of entertainment to the whole party. You can also allow people to make their drinks by getting creative on their own.

Cosy Pyjama Party for a Chilly Night

Pyjama Party for New Years Eve
Pyjama Party for New Years Eve

There is no better feeling than chilling with the people you love in cute PJs. They are comfortable, snuggly, and look adorable. So, you can create a theme out of the pyjamas and call for a PJ party with all your friends and family members in your house. Everyone can come wearing their night suits and have a good time together. You can serve dinner to everyone, and later on, they can all have a sleepover right at your house. Isn’t this the best new year party idea ever?

Home Cooked Food Sounds Delish

Cooking with the Family
Cooking with the Family for New Year Party

Be it a potluck or not, you still have to make some arrangements for food for everyone who will be coming to your house party. Well, the best way we recommend to make your guests happy is to serve them home-cooked food. People love to have food made with healthy ingredients and love. So, prepare your star dish for your loveable guests. You can also add in some extra treats like cupcakes or cookies that everyone likes to have during the holiday season.

Tarot Card Reading Corner

Tarot Card Reading At New Years Eve
Tarot Card Reading At New Years Eve

People nowadays are obsessed with tarot card reading. To give your house party a fancy upgrade, you can hire a tarot card reader. This is a great new year party idea because everyone at your house will love to get a reading, and of course, this will keep them very much entertained too. Make a spooky-looking corner for the whole setup, and we are sure this will be the highlight of your entire party.

Gift Swap or Secret Santa

Exchanging Gifts to Each Other
Exchanging Gifts to Each Other on New Year Eve

Either of the two is a great way to exchange gifts with one another on New Year. If you are planning a Secret Santa party, you may have to inform everyone about each other’s Secret Santa beforehand. However, for a gift swap, it can be a lottery system where people can have chits with everyone’s name. one person can pick a chit, and they can give the gift they brought to them.

Karaoke Night..Yes Please!

Karaoke Night At Home on New Years Eve
Karaoke Night At Home on New Years Eve

A new year party is incomplete without people getting drunk and having the time of their life singing karaoke. We all need that, don’t we? New Year is the time to let loose and have a great time with your friends. A karaoke night is the best way to enjoy with your special ones. Curate a list of delightful songs meant for holidays, New Year, and just the popular ones and get their karaoke. Arrange a setup and bring your friends on the stage to sing their hearts out on beautiful songs. Also, don’t forget to videotape their attempts at striking the right notes because the day after, that is going to be your stand-up material.

Photo Booth and Props for Gram

Clicking Photos With Friends on New Years Eve
Clicking Photos With Friends on New Years Eve

If you are not on the Gram for New Year, are you even doing it right? Everyone takes photos and videos on New Year’s Eve for their social media, so make sure that the pictures they take are double-tap worthy. Arrange a photo booth with creative decorations in the back, some selfie boards, and of course, a lot of photo props that everyone can use to click photos. You can get fairy crowns, the infamous devil horns with lights, different kinds of spooky masks, and many more.

Balloon Backdrop for Your Wall

Balloons Decorated on Wall for New Years Eve
Balloons Decorated on Wall for New Years Eve

Keeping up your decoration game strong is very important when you are throwing a party at your house. One of the ways to fashion a wonderful decoration for New Year is to pick a wall in your home and cover it with balloons entirely. If you are hosting a day party, then you can go for colorful balloons and make the room bright. However, if you are hosting a party at night, then go for chrome balloons in metallic colors like silver, golden, blue, etc. Those will give a great monotone backdrop for your wall and, of course, make the room look festive.

Spike the Desserts

Desserts on the Table
Desserts on the Table for New Year Party

Yes, that is a fantastic idea to go ahead with. We all need a slight nuisance to get totally indulged in the New Year. Start by spiking desserts. Add a little booze to desserts, be it pies, cupcakes, ice cream shakes, or any other desserts that you are serving. One of the most popular is the Jell-o mix with a hint of booze, and we are sure everyone will love it.

New Year Resolution Board

New Year Resolution Board
Resolution Board for New Year

No matter how many years pass by, we will never stop having a New Year Resolution every year, even if we don’t follow through with it (which, of course, we won’t). But we all need to make a resolution every year. So put up a resolution board for your guests. You can also make this resolution board more fun in a lot of ways. People can pick these resolutions for each other and have fun with them. Also, people can choose resolutions that are funny and over dramatic, like a joke to put on these boards.

Disco Theme Stage Area

Disco Theme Stage for the New Year Party at Home
Disco Theme Stage for the New Year Party at Home

If it’s a party, there has to be dancing, and lots of it. You can step up your dancing stage by adding a disc ball to it. Add other elements of disco with a live DJ (if you have the budget for it), or just stream music online and get grooving with your favorite people on the beats till it’s time for a Happy New Year!!

Games for the Night and a Lot of Them

Game Night For the New Year Party
Game Night For the New Year Party

Since so many people will be around, it is an excellent time to play games with groups. You can have a poker night which we are sure everyone will absolutely enjoy. If you can arrange many chairs, then the musical chair also sounds like a fun option for a New Year party idea.

Order New Year Flowers and Cakes For Your Friends and Family in Philippines

Most importantly, New Year Parties are just excuses to have fun with your friends and family, and if you can do that with any of these ideas, the party is good to go. We are sure that all these New Year party ideas will be worth spending your time and energy on because the outcome will be full of fun for everyone who is a part of the celebration.

Also, a New Year Party calls for the traditional cake cutting ceremony as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Yes, you need to order a cake online in the Philippines from to celebrate the upcoming year along with your friends and family members, and we are sure the whole celebration will be a blast. Along with delectable cakes, you can also order flowers online from the website to decorate your house for the guests. Order flowers in a vase and a box to give the corners in your room a charge of color with fresh garden blooms. You can also order delicious chocolates for all your guests to treat them to a special delight on New Year’s Eve and have fun with them.

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