Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

There had been numerous festivals alluring different cultures worldwide. Good Friday is one of the most popular internationally.

This is one of the most considerable days as per Christian faith. Being the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. This day is known throughout the world with several different names like Holy Friday and Black Friday. Their are many more interesting facts and fascination with respect to this special day which many of the readers may not know. Well, this all about it.

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday and after Maundy Thursday. Christians all over the world consider this day as one of the most important dates in the calendar. Being based on the lunar calendar the date of Good Friday tends to change every year. This is the day remembered as the one when Jesus died on the cross. People gather in churches on this day to attend the Friday service and recite Biblical accounts.

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

What happened on Good Friday?

There is though no mention of the term “Good Friday” in the Bible, a thorough study of the events that took place with the crucifixion, this day can be possibly tracked. After being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was known to be taken for several trials in front of the chief priests, Herod, and Pontius Pilate. Three trials were taken up by Roman leaders and three by Jewish leaders. The memorable day of Good Friday was lead by these events.

Pilate tried to manage a compromise by various religious leaders beating Jesus, however, this did not satisfy them and hence they finally decided to crucify him. Jesus was dressed in a purple robe and a crown of thrones. “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” was written and Jesus was forced to carry His cross till His place of death. Jesus was crucified at Golgotha with two other criminals.

Further, the biblical stories state Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate to handover Jesus body. Being the permission granted, Joseph wrapped the body in a clean linen cloth. He then placed the body in its new tomb and rolled a stone in front of it to close the entrance.

Even if the day is not clear, everyone just knows that he died and rose from his grave anonymously. This was something really unusual and glorious.

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

What People Do?

Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death anniversary are celebrated in different countries on the Friday just before Easter Sunday. This is a recognition that includes individuals fasting and praying. Many chapel gatherings are held toward the evening, more often than not around twelve or noontime to 3 pm, to recollect the hours when Jesus held tight the cross. Numerous holy places likewise watch the day by re-sanctioning the parade of the cross as in the custom of the Stations of the Cross, which delineates the last long periods of Jesus’ life. Parades are held in numerous nations, for example, Malta, the Philippines, Spain, India, and Italy.

Kites that are frequently handcrafted are flown in Bermuda on Good Friday to symbolize the cross that Jesus passed on and in addition his climb into paradise. This custom goes back to the nineteenth century. Chapels in nations, for example, Belgium and Mexico, are hung in dark on Good Friday in memory of Jesus’ anguish on the cross. The day is serious and a general quality of trouble is felt in numerous towns and towns. Numerous Christians in Poland quick on dry bread and boiled potatoes. Egg enlivening is likewise part of the Easter arrangements in Poland and numerous different nations.

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?

Why was Good Friday “Good”?

Death by crucifixion or “this cup” was the most disgraceful forms of death ever seen. It was one among the painful, dreaded ways of execution followed in the ancient world. Undeniably, this was something even worse than mere crucifixion. Christ committed the most heinous crimes; he took over the sins of the world and freed his believers from the same. This was something really commendable; he knew that he was supposed to do so. He humbly accepted the agony of the Lord and submitted himself before his glory.

Good Friday Meaning And Significance: Why is it really “Good”?


Well, this is just the story, but it may be questioned sometimes that why was this Friday “good”? This can possibly be explained. Holy God and his extreme holiness are just incompatible with offense or sins. Humans remain separated from God because they are sinful. Also, eternal death is the only punishment for sin. But atonement is too great in front of mere animal sacrifices and human deaths. Atonement means a perfect sacrifice done in the most perfect ways, spotlessly.

Jesus was the only man of God – the perfect man of God. And his death was the perfect sacrifice for the atonement of sin. He was the only way to get forgiveness for our sins. Our right standing with the almighty is restored when we accept and consider Christ’s payment for our sins. He washes away all of them for us. It is the mercy and grace of the Almighty that grants us salvation eternal life is gifted to us. And for such compelling reasons no one can ever deny, Good Friday is good!

The day of Good Friday is hence awaited the entire year to commemorate the absolute sacrifice of Christ. This is to be remembered always and hence this day is of immense importance for Christianity, for Humanity and the very sanity they all pursue.

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