Top 3 floral trends from forever Rose

      Years pass by and with a new year, there are some new beginnings in store. When it comes to flowers there are new floral trends in 2020 which started becoming prominent. The past year saw a mixture of traditional and modern styles. A lot of green was used and the focus was on the most lovable and ever-fresh flower Dahlia However, the year is over and so are the floral trends. The future would definitely hold something bright and especially in terms of wedding scenario the trends are looking quite innovative. Let us peep into what 2020 holds for us. Will any new style of flowers assembling crop up or are there is going to be some downfall in their use.

Floral Jewellery and wedding use trends

Floral jewellery gained prominence in the last few years. People who were earlier only wearing it on a few occasions are using it even for wedding and major events of their life. However, this year, the floral jewellery is going to be all about contrast. Don’t worry about impressions if you are going to use contrast your jewellery will look good enough. Pay attention to the neckline of your dress as that would decide what kind of floral piece you are going to wear. In case of a higher neckline, the trend is to make a neckpiece of long and delicate flowers. However, if you are opting for wearing a dress with a deep neckline then get a choker made of small and medium flowers.

Ranunculus, Peonies, Clematis, Roses, Anemones and Cyclamen are popular flowers used in case of a wedding. These extremely fragrant flowers are arranged in forms which bring out the beauty of the event. Open and closed Ranunculus is paired with poppies, corydalis and sweet peas to get the ultimate ethereal effect.

Peonies are available in every shade except blue. There pink and white varieties are usually teamed up with hellebore and passion vines. Want to create a bouquet or tiara of flowers then Clematis is the flower that is going to rule the roost. Experiment with some wide variety of roses as they seem to have a strong connection with the heart.

Joining them with other soft flowers like carnations, chocolate cosmos and astilbes grants a mystical look to the entire place. Placing them in regular places and using as much colour as possible is something that cannot be replaced in terms of the effect created.

Bold colours

Wedding till now was supposed to be an event which needs to be kept subtle at all levels. That means the choice of flower colours was also either in pastel shades or the always liked white colour. However, the trend this year seems to be shifting as we can see a lot of bold colours creeping in and making their impact.

While purple has somewhat made a very strong impact other colours are also making their position felt. Most event planners and brides want rich and saturated colours and Purple or eggplant shade meets up with the requirement well. Calla Lilies, ranunculus and peonies have velvety shades which can add the perfect look to any kind of floral arrangement.

These shades can be used in singles and even in merging with shades like white and magenta. Whatever it is the look that you get is going to be impressive enough. Apart from this moody colours like burgundy, magenta and blue are also trying to make a fashion statement. You can find them incarnations and chrysanthemums and use them vividly.

The trend of bold colours has become more prominent as people want to experiment with all kinds of looks. They want to break from the mould of traditional looks and explore and create something which is different than what the rest are experimenting with.

Use of greenery

It was 2019 colour of the year and that is definitely not ending this year too. Artificial succulents and ferns were rapidly used along with different floral styles. Large tropical leaves are being used in centrepieces irrespective of where they were placed. Artificial eucalyptus and green hellebore are being used in the Bride’s bouquet and you cannot deny how distinct it looks.

Faux succulents have gradually crept in the scene. They are being used as part of bouquets or even as replacements of original flowers. As part of corsages, centrepieces and necklaces succulents are being used almost everywhere. Cards and table numbers can be decorated with succulents and you can have a pure and rustic wedding environment created.

Use greenery, berries, soft grass and other flowers to create a stunning and impactful floral arrangement. Hoop wreaths look trendy and classy when green grass is used to generate a look which is out of the ordinary. Such natural grass bunches go a long way in creating wedding bouquets for a gorgeous texture. Backdrops and aisles of weddings are being decorated with natural grass to entrance the visitors.

When creating blooming floral chandeliers the green used can create an elegant design for you to flaunt. If there is empty space for you to cover then use greenery to create vines and floral arrangements which do the needful. Most people these days want to do their wedding the rustic way. Use wood and natural accents in your bouquet to create tons of texture and make your most memorable day really special.

Trends in floral wedding patterns have started to make a very deep impact in the past. In this year the trends are going to be much more extravagant and worth flaunting. People want to make their wedding day really special hence they do not want to leave any chance of experimenting. If you are also looking to create something magical for your wedding then these trends are something that you should try to incorporate. In case you consult an event planner do make sure to ask him to play around with these themes. It is only then that the wedding that you were hoping to organize would happen. These floral trends in 2020 if you use for your occasions, you will surely grab the hearts of all.