The things you never knew about chocolates!!

The things you never knew about chocolates!!

There are a lot of chocolate lovers who can’t wait even a day to munch another piece of chocolate. Out of 10, 7-8 people like chocolate. Not only kids but adults and older people are passionate to crunch it every day. Some people, even much 2-3 chocolates every day.Do you know that the chocolates hide some secrets? Lets’ put a light on the things you never knew about chocolates:

1. Do you know- Chocolate is actually a vegetable?

The dark and white chocolate takes from the cacao bean, it grows on the cacao tree (an evergreen from the family Malvaceae). For this reason, white and dark chocolates are usually considered as vegetables.
Milk chocolate was founded in the mountainous Central European country-Switzerland
After 8 years of hard work, Daniel Peter finally created chocolates in 1875. After adding so many ingredients, he was ended up with Condensed milk as his key ingredient.

2. Making chocolate is such a daunting task

Eating chocolates are easy but its making is quite tough. Apart from its regal background and revered status, the cocoa bean needs some hard work to turn into a chocolate. One of the surprising facts is that around 400-500 beans are required to get a single pound of the good stuff.

The things you never knew about chocolates

3. The first chocolate bar was made by England’s people

Come back to 1842, the first chocolate was made by the Cadbury Company. This company is still in existence and many of us still enjoying its mouth-watering chocolates.

4. Every chocolate has a particular melting point   

Only chocolates are considered edible substance to melt around 93° f just below the human body temperature. This is a reason chocolates melts very easily on our tongue.

5. Never assume white chocolate as a chocolate                                                                                     

The white chocolates are not coming into the category of chocolates. The fact is that it doesn’t contain chocolate liquor or cocoa solids. It just includes parts of the cacao bean—mainly cocoa butter.

6. Luckily chocolates get multiple celebrations in a year                                                                       

On July 7, a chocolate day is celebrated because it was the day (July 7, 1550) when the first   chocolate brought to Europe. Apart from this day, chocolates get celebration on July 28 called as the National Milk Chocolate Day. On September 13, the International Chocolate Day and on   November 7, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almond day is celebrated.

7. Which is the most expensive chocolate?   

Criollo is deemed as the most expensive chocolate because it has the most expensive type of bean. Despite this, this particular bean grows occasionally. It means offering a low yield. Moreover, it is harvested in some areas of South Africa.

8. Surprisingly, they’re are only three kinds of chocolates

We all assume a list of chocolate is big. The fact is that only three cocoa bean varieties in the world. Among these, the most common type is called as forastero. Criollo has titled as the second type and is found very rare. It is also the expensive one. The third one is called as Trinitario Bean which has grabbed 20-25% of the market share.

9. Chocolates endow you to devour less

As per research, it has found that the dark chocolate keeps the women away from the stress and reduces cortisol levels. It helps the women to feel satisfied and devour less. For men, dark chocolates turn them more satisfied than the white chocolates because dark chocolates have more than 70% cocoa contents which offer less hunger.

10. Chocolates fight tooth decay

Chocolates always get bad remarks because the chocolate lovers are always teased that would get their tooth damaged if they keep eating chocolates. But the fact is that chocolates fight tooth decay. It has cacao which is a good ingredient to prevent tooth cavities. Moreover, a research by Japan shows that coach bean has potential to keep away the mouth bacteria and tooth decay.

11.Health fact about chocolates beneficial to your heart

The heart problems are like devils. People usually indulge in a lot of remedies to get rid of it. Consuming cacoa is assumed as the significant part of a heart-healthy diet. It also assists to hike the blood circulation to the brain and around the body by 25-30%.

12. Do you know the chocolates are the natural aphrodisiac?

The aphrodisiac is also termed as love drugs which push the lovers to have some romance. The fact is that cacao contains a chemical in the excessive quantity that increases libido when consumed. That’s why chocolate is the best gift to present to loves on a Valentine Day.

13. Which is the magical land of chocolate?

As per the survey, it is revealed that Swiss is the country which has grabbed the highest number of chocolate lovers. It is called as a magical land in the world because of the high consumption of chocolates. As per average, the Swiss citizen ate 9-10 kilograms of the stuff in the last year.

14. Presenting chocolates are mandatory in some countries

It is revealed that in the west of the world, it is obligatory for men to present chocolates in the form of 6 packs of Ferraro Rochers to women on Valentine’s Day. In other nations like Japan, women get mandatory title to present chocolates on February 14 either to husband or boyfriends in the form of honmei (true feeling) choco or to co-workers (where no romance) in the form of giri (obligation) choco.

The things you never know about chocolates

Hence, the wonderful taste of chocolates has hidden numerous secrets. It loves by more than 70% of people and appreciated highly if gifted. Most people love to devour it while feeling bitter taste or some hunger to change their mood. It is a great idea to gift it to your lovers, friends, even relatives. If you want to present a quick gift to your lover, adding some chocolates with a beautiful bouquet will influence him or her a lot.These were the things you never knew about chocolates which are now familiar to you so you can share with your dear one’s.

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